Providius launches BMG-lite, a compact and cost-effective solution for media analysis

The BMG-Lite is a streamlined and cost-efficient solution that encompasses all the essential functionalities of the BMG in a smaller form factor.

Providius BMG_lite

This specialized device is crafted to deliver media analysis for major uncompressed formats such as ST2110 and 2022-6/7, as well as compressed formats like NDI, IPMX, TS, OTT, and supports all key CODECs including MPEG2, H.264, HEVC, and JPEG-XS. The BMG-Lite swiftly identifies faults in real-time and equips users with the necessary tools to pinpoint the underlying issues.

With a comprehensive array of analysis capabilities, the BMG-Lite empowers users to scrutinize and enhance their media delivery services. Its compact design lends versatility, making it suitable for deployment across various workflows and applications, including broadcasting and streaming endeavors.

BMG-Lite in short :
– Real-time fault detection
– Full support for ST2110, NDI, TS
– Compact design for maximum versatility

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