Rx Range of Rasterizer Products: VIDEO by PHABRIX

PHABRIX released a video of their Rx range of test & measurement rasterizer products. The Rx Series is perfect for analyzing, generating and monitoring 3G/HD/SD SDI signals.

Overall, the Rx Series includes 3 models with identical software features*:

  • Rx 500: 2 channel analyzer/generator & monitoring system (1/2 1U)
  • Rx 1000: Compact 4 channel analyzer/generator & monitoring system (1U)
  • Rx 2000: 4 channel analyzer/generator with monitoring via dual built-in screens & audio speakers (2U)

*The choice of model comes down to the desired form-factor and number of signals to be monitored simultaneously. One module required per signal.


The Rx range uses the type of same tools as the Sx handheld units, plus a few additional features. In other words, Rx is like having multiple Sx handheld units in one box.

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