Sivac One Media Processor Showcased @ IBC 2019!

SAPEC introduced the Sivac One Media Processor, a modular contribution solution for UHD/3G/HD, at this year’s IBC!


SAPEC has increased the capabilities of the Sivac One Solution towards HEVC UHD (4K) contribution & high channel density on 3G/HD/SD. Sivac One consists of a 1U rack with 3 available slots, each one fitting a Sivac One Media Processor card (SMP). Each card can support:

  • 1x channel HEVC UHD (4K) Encoder
  • 4x channels HEVC 3G/HD/SD encoder

SAPEC_SivacOneMediaProcessor_EncoderDescription_TEVIOSAchieving in 1U a density up to:

  • 3x channels HEVC UHD (4K) Encoder
  • 12x channels HEVC 3G/HD encoder

Each SMP card incorporates different interfaces:

  • 6 configurable BNCs
  • 4x3G/12G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI
  • 2x IP ports 
  • 2x SFP

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