SLX-SERIES: NEW 3G HDR Production Monitors by Craltech

The latest SLX-SERIES of professional HDR LCD Production Monitors by Craltech features 2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1 x HDMI and 2 free configurable 3G SDI BNC connectors.


With Quad MODE, display 4 x 3g SDI inputs on screen, or use them as active loop through SDI inputs 1 & 2.

For accurate reproduction of all standard sources, this new series integrates a 12 bit image processing engine, HDR pre-visualization (HLG, PQ, SLOG) options and 3D LUT color management options.

The SLX-SERIES also features a rugged and Ultra-Light aluminum design with wide viewing angle displays, energy-efficient board design and LED backlight display.

Choose from two different models: SLX ultra-light HDR 3G/12G and SLX HDR Bright 3G/12G. The classic ultra-light monitor sizes include: 18,5″ / 21,5″ / 23,8″ / 32″.

The high brightness monitors provide 600-1.500 nits of brightness depending on monitor size. Sizes include: 21,5″/ 23,8″/ 24″/ 32″/ 42″.

Contact us for more information about the new SLX-SERIES of 3G HDR LCD production monitors by Craltech.