TAG Video Systems

100% Software · 100% IP · 100% COTS

TAG Video Systems is a 100% software based monitoring company that delivers the best quality video experience to viewers around the world.

TAG supports over 60,000 channels across the four primary broadcasting applications: Live Production, Playout/Master Control, OTT and Delivery. Their Zero Friction philosophy offers scalability, flexibility and asset utilization to broadcasters and content distributors across the globe.

TAG Video Systems provides the following features:


Probing / Monitoring

The TAG all IP software solution offers a complete probing & monitoring application tool from the transmission layers (2110/2022-6 uncompressed, MPEG-TS compressed, & OTT streams) down to the encoded video content and quality. Overall it is a strong tool for error detection and alerting.


  • High density solution; concurrent monitoring
  • Real-time, simultaneous analysis of all sources on all channels
  • Mix variety of uncompressed & compressed sources: SMPTE-2022-6;7/ST-2110/ HEVC /H.264 /MPEG-2 /JEPG2000 TR-01/ HLS/ MPEG-DASH/ MSS/ UHD/HD/SD/RADIO/DATA
  • Three monitoring levels: Transport Level (based on ETR-101-290 compliance), Video/Audio Baseband Content Level, and Template-based (detect configuration changes in monitored stream)


With the multiviewing application tool, receive and monitor all broadcast formats (2110/2022-6 Uncompressed, compressed MPEG-TS, and OTT streams) as well as the encoded video content and its quality.

The created output Mosaic/Head (HD or UHD video stream) is encoded and transmitted as 2110-21 and standard H.264/H.265 SPTS along an HLS parallel output. This makes remote multiviewing, mobile device access and flexible installation topology possible.


  • Flexible Mosaic layout generation (1-100 channels per layout)
  • Overlay display of errors, Tally, UMDs, events & DVB/Teletext/CC/ID3 multi language subtitling
  • Mosaic output encoded as standard HD or UHD Multicast H.264 /H.265/ MPEG-2 SPTS service , and/or low latency  ST-2110/2022-6/7 with simultaneous  HLS output for each generated Mosaic
  • 32 audio streams loudness display per service


Decrypt, monitor and view DVB Simulcrypt in real-time. The IP software also offers OTT content after the packager within the secure zone and after the CDN while interacting with Verimatrix MultiRights key management.


  • Real-time decryption that enables probing, monitoring & multiviewing display of encrypted content as if it were an undecrypted service
  • MPEG-TS DVB-BISS & Simulcrypt decryption support
  • Available for OTT streams encrypted with Verimatrix, Huawei, SkyDRM, & Irdeto KMS solutions

Management & API

The all IP software system is managed by an elaborated management scheme combined by a JSON API. This allows for full management and control of functionalities, plus status and events/errors reporting.


  • “All IP” Software only solution
  • Runs on COTS Server Hardware
  • Complete configuration via web UI
  • Network & software management via CLI
  • Advanced & fully elaborated JSON API
  • Ability to group multiple server units to a single logical system

IP Radio

An independent solution provides real-time transcoding of internet audio streams (i.e. radio stations) and encapsulates them into MPEG-2 transport streams.


  • Real-time live transcoding of internet audio streams and encapsulation into DVB MPEG-2 Transport Stream
  • Audio re-sampling to a variety of frequencies / Stereo to mono down sampling
  • DVB PSI tables insertion (PAT/PMT/SDT)
  • Source redundancy solution (3 sources per stream)
  • Channel backup playback from internal file
  • 48 Channels on a single 1RU Server

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