TEVIOS appointed PHABRIX distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg

TEVIOS has been appointed PHABRIX distributor for Belgium and Luxembourg !

With their instruments in use by broadcasters world-wide each day, PHABRIX products are renowned in the industry for their technical excellence and exceptional value. Since the company’s formation in 2005, our innovation has been acknowledged with numerous broadcast technology awards. We are proud to have received the IABM’s highly acclaimed Peter Wayne award in 2008 for a world-first – the PHABRIX SxA, the world’s first hand held generator, analyser and monitor capable of SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI.

PHABRIX continues to lead the market by providing solutions used in test and measurement for broadcast infrastructures, particularly focussing on the transition from composite video, to SD-SDI, HD-SDI and the new 3G-SDI requirements.

PHABRIX continues to develop its range of rackmount products, enhancing the audio toolset on this range to support up to 96 independent audio meters, discreet and AES audio along with Dolby E, Dolby D and Dolby D plus decode using its cost effective dual Dolby decode module. The Rx2000 with its built-in dual TFT monitors allows it to be engineering bay operated with provision to switch its 1920 x 1080 display via HDMI or SDI to another location. High performance speakers provide a one product solution for video and audio testing and has made the Rx2000 very successful in quality control departments. The Rx 1000 rasterizer provides enormous power in its 1U format and the small Rx 500 is designed to fit in the most space concious OB trucks. Each of the Rx series have flexible display of 16 instruments to be viewed simutaneosly from up to 4 separate sources. New video tools include multi frame grab, V-chip, WSS, V-chip display and AFD along with comprehensive support for 608 and 708 closed captions and Loudness monitoring on 4 channels. As a cost effective solution with a highly configured toolset for audio and video, the Rx is one to see at NAB.

PHABRIX is well known for its portable instruments, the famous PHABRIX SxE with eye and jitter measurement can be found in almost all of the major broadcasters worldwide. The company has continued to update the instrument, now with support for Dolby E, D and D plus generation and analysis along with a new A/V delay generator.

The TAG, a new low price combined generator analyzer and monitor hand held has been hugely succesful particularly since Harris discontinued its HDstar product. Adding Dolby E, D and D plus generation and analysis has also made it a must buy replacement for the discontinued Dolby DM100 however it is the multiple interfaces of analogue, SDI and optical supported by this innovative hand held which will catch people’s attention at NAB this year.