AV Sync Feature for LYNX greenMachine Testor Now Available!

The AV Sync Generator feature for LYNX greenMachine testor is now available!

The greenMachine testor multi-format test signal generator is a 4K/UHD and quad-channel 3G SDI device. It produces different types of signals and frequencies for testing and troubleshooting purposes, both in the studio and on the field.


This new AV Sync Generator feature works alongside the current Sync Analyzer by providing effective and accurate tools for measuring and generating AV sync delays and audio channel swaps. Together, this precision timing and measurement solution aligns audio and video in a single SDI signal path.

The AV Sync Analyzer itself measures and verifies audio and video timing and delays in a signal chain. This allows operators to identify mismatched AV timing and verify whether audio channels have been swapped.

Measure up to four signal chains simultaneously and see the measurement results within LYNX’ centralized software solution, LynxCentraal. Plus, overlay the measurement results on the incoming measured signal and route out of greenMachine’s SDI output for external monitoring.

Currently a greenMachine testor user? Add this new feature for free with a software license upgrade!

Contact us for more information about the AV Sync Generator feature for the greenMachine testor by LYNX.