Dejero Hybrid Encoding Technology for low-latency, live video scenarios

Dejero Hybrid Encoding Technology is a highly specialized hybrid architecture designed for low-latency, live video contribution scenarios.


By utilizing a hybrid approach, Dejero provides the speed and efficiency of hardware as well as the flexibility, adaptability and upgradeability of software. The hardware itself is a fast and efficient encoder with field-upgradeable software. Together, this maximizes video quality by dynamically adapting encoding in real time.

Hybrid Encoding Technology works in tandem with Dejero Smart Blending Technology. They form an integrated system that adapts to real-time feedback about the blended connection’s throughput capacity and latency.

Specific features include:

  • Hardware-based encoder: ensures ultra-low latency, power-efficient encoding
  • Auto-scaler: maximizes resolution to reliably encode & transport
  • Resolution optimizer: incorporates complexity & connection feedback to determine max. resolution (spatial & temporal)
  • I-frame request: reduces required transmission bandwidth by only requesting I-frames when needed
  • Complexity analyzer: offers real-time feedback from the hardware encoder
  • Connection analyzer: offers real-time feedback about the blended connection’s throughput capacity & latency

View the full whitepaper for more details.

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