Dejero Previewed LIVE+ Core with New Features at IBC2016

LIVE+ Core 4.1 enables IP output from a LIVE+ Broadcast Server in the MPEG-TS format as an alternative to standard SDI playout. Dejero users can easily set the desired output on the Broadcast Server directly from LIVE+ Control, Dejero’s cloud-based management system.


This latest update allows broadcast crews in the field to use their LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitters to create a ‘hotspot’, connecting all their devices to the Internet to support editing, fact checking and communication while in remote locations. Crews no longer need to carry an additional portable hotspot or pocket router.

This latest version of LIVE+ Core also supports multichannel audio. This enables more audio inputs from a variety of microphones, or allows transmitting of multiple languages. The software is now capable of supporting two, four or eight channels of audio, and features a proprietary prioritization algorithm that intelligently manages bandwidth to preserve video quality as the number of audio channels increases.

The update also enables broadcasters to transmit up to 20 Mb/s over Ethernet to maintain the highest possible video quality. This is particularly useful for high motion action shots. These new features are in addition to the closed captioning capability, enhanced congestion control functionality, and GV STRATUS integration added to Core 4.0 released earlier this year.