High-Quality Audio Transmissions with Audio Codecs by AVT

Audio Codecs are required for high-quality audio transmissions over various networks including IP, ISDN, 2-Mbit/s (E1) and X.21. Over IP and ISDN, use both Leased Line and temporary dial-up connections with AVT’s audio codecs.

The various applications for Audio Codecs include: reporting, studio programme contribution & distribution, and Studio-Transmitter-Links.

AVT_MAGIC Dante WAN Bridge_audiotransmission_TEVIOS

One of the popular Audio Codecs by AVT is the MAGIC ACX Dante WAN Bridge. This multi-channel PCM system enables transmission of up to 32 uncompressed audio signals via wide area networks (WAN). In other words, it enables Dante Network connections over large distances. The coding is done via PCM16/PCM24/PCM32. The integrated 32-channel Dante interface provides audio connection for the audio inputs/outputs. It also features redundant GbE interfaces and supports AES67. Manage up to 10 systems from five workplaces thanks to its user-friendly operating software.

Limited maximum latency of Dante in wide area networks, high jitter and possible time differences can make reliable transmission difficult. The MAGIC ACX Dante WAN Bridge solves these issues by offering a jitter buffer that includes an automatic mode and intelligent sample rate adaption (SRA).

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