Introducing the Craltech ScreenBridge All-in-One Video Processor

The ScreenBridge by Craltech is the first all-in-one video processor specifically designed with matrix, switcher, multiviewer, KVM and VideoWall options. Switch, distribute, and monitor multiple HDMI sources with ScreenBridge!


Select and upload a MOD to easily control and manage all sources. Thanks to this modular system, design and build fully customizable solutions configurable to match any requirements. I/O cards accommodate various connectivity requirements. Depending on the MOD installed, Screenbridge has 16 inputs and 16 outputs configurable as single screens, edge-blend widescreens, multiviewer and KVM options.


This high-end video processor provides versatile connectivity as well as an unmatched real-time 10/12-bit video processing engine. With ultra-low latency (<1 frame), it offers best-in-class image quality.

Its robust, stable and scalable system makes ScreenBridge perfect for numerous applications. Examples include: large control rooms, corporate, live events/sports, government and mission critical environments. It is truly a future-proof solution.

Finally, control ScreenBridge units simply and easily with user-friendly, web-based software.

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