LYNX greenMachine 4FS: Quad Channel Frame Synchronizer

The LYNX greenMachine GMPT-4FS is a four channel frame synchronizer featuring basic image processing, video conversion, test pattern generator and audio routing capabilities.


Use this particular package on the greenMachine titan HW platform for formats up to 3Gbit/s SDI. It is ideal for applications requiring dependable broadcast-quality frame synchronization with full audio processing capabilities. The scaler (included) allows for spatial conversions of the video signal. Synchronize the video signals with a bi-level SD reference signal and tri-level HD reference signal.

The greenMachine GMPT-4FS has AES & analog audio inputs/outputs with optional fiber SFP inputs/outputs.

Additional features include:

  • Support for one MADI input and output and four external audio
  • Two Dolby E® decoders, Dolby E® synchronization, full audio processing
  • Multiple adjustable user delays for audio & video
  • Basic test pattern generator
  • Multiple additional processing features allow for adjustments of the video content, e.g. gain, hue etc.

See the complete datasheet here.

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