Lynx Yellobrik IDC 1411 – Instant dialogue cleaner, filter and amplifier

The IDC 1411 by Lynx is the hardware solution for enhancing speech based on the Audionamix® Instant Dialogue Cleaner Software Plugin. Application examples include parallel production of content for hearing impaired viewers or improved production of automated closed captions with clearer audio.

It is designed to process uncompressed SDI video formats and AES based audio via BNC.

This hardware solution also has additional audio filtering: the IDC setting itself, two sequential equalizers and a compressor:

Equalizer Settings

Two fully parametric peak/notch equalizers are provided which are applied series.

Compressor Settings

A hard-knee, peak-sensing, stereo-linked audio compressor is provided with parameters for Threshold.

This new module is suitable for all SMPTE standard signals conforming to SMPTE 292M, 424M and 2082 (1.5/3/12 Gbits/s).

Its functionalities include:

  • Support for 1.5G, 3G, and 12G/4K SDI video Input
  • Support for AES Input
  • Support for optional 3G/12G fiber SFP
  • Automatic Video Delay in tandem with Audio Delay
  • Settings for Speech Gain, Background Gain, Compressor and more.
  • Settings and routing can be applied via control software
  • Remote Control via LynxCentraal or YelloGUI

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