Multiview MOD for ScreenBridge

Multiview MOD is one of five MODS available for the all-in-one video processor ScreenBridge by Craltech.


With the Multiview “two systems in one” MOD, show a standard single or multiview image on any screen. It has the combined in-built dual feature of providing traditional matrix viewing (where multiview may not be necessary) with the ability to upgrade to a full multiview system. All of this at the touch of a screen control.

Various layout options and configurations exist. Up to 8 windows per Screen are supported with superior 4k60 output and custom aspect ratio rather than static quads. Easily add all necessary sources and increase the installation to build a robust multi-system with inbuilt redundancy into every unit.

Sample configurations highlighting the Multiview & Matrix MODS:


ScreenBridge is a powerful future-proof system with state-of-the-art multiple source viewing. Easily upgrade and refit the system as future needs arise. Plus save on costs while maintaining continuity and familiarity within the workflow.

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