New! MAGIC DABMUX Plus Monitoring Decoder by AVT

With the new MAGIC DABMUX Plus Monitoring Decoder by AVT, monitor the DAB transmission signal at any location in the EDI distribution network.

Monitor up to 50 EDI streams in order to locate errors. Fully decode an ensemble, with up to 25 programs being decoded and listened to simultaneously. The default configuration allows for the use of one EDI input and one decoder incl. service monitor, plus simultaneous DLS and SLS decoding for all programs.

An overview of all monitored EDI streams are displayed on the web interface. Listen to the selected program directly in the browser thanks to the service monitor incl. webstream decoder. An output via AES67 is also available.


Simultaneous monitoring on different levels including:

  • EDI input monitoring for up to 50 EDI streams
  • Ensemble and Service Information (ID, label, time, ensemble, load) for the selected input
  • Audio and PAD decoding for the selected service/sub-channel
  • Service logo extraction per program

Additionally, integration into a network management system is possible via SNMP. Monitor the system externally via the DAB System Manager (as option).

Optional extensions include EDI inputs (up to 50 total) and Audio decoders (up to 25).
Various modules include Ravenna/AES67, ETI (75 ohms) and Dual LAN (expands system by two 100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces).
Contact us for more information about the MAGIC DABMUX Plus Monitoring Decoder by AVT.