Nixer PD Dante for On-Set Monitoring & Production Galleries

The PD Dante portable Dante network diagnostics tool & Dante audio monitor by Nixer is ideal for on-set monitoring and production galleries.

PD Dante provides a compact, portable audio monitoring solution for on-location productions such as reality TV shows. This clear audio monitoring helps directors and producers during location filming.

Select and mix any of the 64 Dante channels rapidly and intuitively without additional laptops – perfect for the fast-paced live environment. With PD Dante, add different channel views based on the number of audio tracks required: 8, 16 or 32 as well as the standard 64 channel view. This allows for larger and clearer metering.

And as work load increases, simply add additional PD Dante units to the inventory.


Contact us for more information about PD Dante applications as part of on-set monitoring & production galleries.