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Nixer Pro Audio designs and manufactures Audio over IP Monitoring & Diagnostics Tools. Their AoIP Monitors, Switches, Patches and Diagnostics for Dante, Ravenna, AES67 and ST2110 are used all over the world.

Their audio solutions include:

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PD Dante

Portable Dante Network Diagnostics Tool & Audio Monitoring

The PD Dante is a 64 channel (at 48kHz) or 32 channel (at 96kHz) portable network monitoring tool that features PoE, redundant ports, AES67 compatibility, headphone amp, built-in speakers and 15-way D-Sub (2 x line outputs, AES input, AES output & remote control).

Signals of the PD Dante are presented via the built-in speakers or the headphone jack, and the speakers are automatically muted when headphones are inserted. The stereo balanced line and AES output, accessed through the 15-way D-type, provide simultaneous outputs. These outputs can be configured to either follow the volume settings of the speakers or to follow the volume settings of the headphones, or they can be set to independent levels each with their own trim controls.

Additional inputs, all of which can be routed to any of the Dante output channels, are also available: unbalanced stereo line on a 3.5mm jack, AES input through the 15-way D-type connector, mic input on the headphone connector. Lastly, the PD Dante can operate via PoE (13W) or via USB (1.5A) by a computer USB port, USB battery pack or USB mains adaptor.

Portable Dante NIXER TEVIOS

RD Dante

2U Rack Mount Dante Network Monitoring & Diagnostics Tool

The RD Dante is a 2U 19-inch rack mounted 64 channel (at 48kHz) or 32 channel (at 96kHz) monitor that features 2 x 25W amplifier, dual redundant PSUs, redundant network connectors and AES67 compatibility.

The signals are available to the user via a 6.35mm headphone jack or via 75mm built-in full range speakers which are mounted in optimized ported cabinets. Simultaneous inputs (AES 3 pin female) and stereo line outputs (AES 3 pin male) are accessible via XLR connectors on the rear of the RD Dante.



1U 19″ Rack Mount Wireless AoIP Monitoring

The WL64-4 is a unique AoIP unit designed to facilitate wireless audio streaming for multiple operators.

This audio over IP “base” unit simplifies audio monitoring and mixing for live events, reality TV, and more. Multiple audio operators can now monitor and mix the same sources from a Dante or Ravenna network.

The WL64-4 connects wirelessly to four iPad® tablets allowing each operator to select and listen to sources independently, plus create individual mixes. Add “local” pictures and source names to each audio channel in order to quickly identify the audio source.



1U Rack Mount Dante Monitoring Tool & Mixer

The RL Series concept offers four different models: RL64, RL128, RL192 and RL256. Each model has two modes of operation, mixing and listening. Mix up to 256 channels at 48kHz (128 channels at 96kHz), plus microphone input and AES input. Listen by selecting a channel and routing to the LR output. Create a mix of inputs (inc mic and AES in) into a Stereo mix. The RL Series supports any combination of Dante and Ravenna Ports in the available 4 Ports.






32-way Digital AoIP Changeover Switch

The RS32 is a 32-way, digital Audio over IP changeover switch with 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs. Configure changeover switches as either 2 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 2 outputs. Select them individually or link them together in order to create larger switches (up to 32 ways). Activate any switch using the intuitive touchscreen interface.

Easily switch between devices & shared resources and, in the event of equipment failure, rapidly route audio to a back up device.


AoIP Digital “Patch” Panel

The RP64 is a 64 input to 64 output digital Audio over IP ‘patch’ panel. Connect any input to any output thanks to the intuitive interface. This facilitates a simple, rapid re-patching of critical signals without using an external computer and without suffering the inherent delays this brings.

One application for the RP64 would be the ability to quickly route audio to a back up device in the event of equipment failure. The RP64 comes in 3 configurations, with both Dante and Ravenna versions available.


PLR64 Dante

64 channel Dante Network Monitor with Remote Controller

The PLR64 is a 64 channel Dante network monitor specifically designed to allow an operator/commentator to access any two independently selectable sources on the Dante network via a simple remote control panel. Additional features include PoE, redundant ports and AES67 compatibility.

This three-part kit consists of the PLR64 Dante, 2 gang wall plate remote controller and remote cable (1.5M D-sub cable). Typically, the PLR64 is mounted and wired via the remote cable to the 2 gang wall plate remote controller. The remote controller allows independent selection for each output from the incoming Dante stream. Each output displays the selected Dante channel name and output signal level on the OLED display. The signal is electronically balanced and provides +21dBu for 0dBFS of signal level.


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