Nixer to launch S/PDIF to Dante convertor at ISE 2024

Nixer will be debuting its S/PDIF to Dante convertorIB2 SPDIF-Dante – at Integrated Systems Europe later this month.

Convert 2 channels of S/PDIF input to Dante and 2 channels of Dante to S/PDIF output.


This compact SPDIF to Dante conversion box features an RJ45 connector. With this connector, easily connect to the Dante network, access the web control interface, and input PoE power.*

* Alternatively, power the unit via the USB-C connector.


The rear of the unit features a Toslink optical input and an RCA input. Select the active input connector via the web interface. Output is available on the Toslink optical output connector as well as the RCA output and remains active at the same time.

Overall features of the IB2 SPDIF-Dante:

  • Compact (121mm x 23mm x 92mm) with fixed holes for mounting
  • 2 channel x 2 channel
  • Selectable SPDIF in (coax or optical)
  • SPDIF out (coax and optical)
  • Route 2 channels to and from the Dante network

This S/PDIF to Dante convertor will be on display at ISE 2024, taking place in Barcelona from 30 January to 2 February.

Contact us for more details or to schedule a meeting during the show!