Phabrix Qx and QxL Release V4.6 – Extensive Dolby E Decoding

Phabrix Qx and Qxl Release 4.6 adds the optional functionality to decode a Dolby E or ED2 audio stream and provide a clear and accessible view of the Dolby E metadata.

This new functionality allows to meter and monitor the decoded audio and separately measure the loudness of a 5.1 or stereo 2.0 decoded program.

Built-in CRC error reporting provides a real-time check on the creation and transfer of the Dolby E
stream through the broadcast network, and a live update of Dolby E line timing is provided for
SDI and 2022-6 interfaces.

New features include:

  • Standalone Dolby Metadata Analyzer instrument
  • Dolby E, ED2, DD and DD+ detection in Audio Metering instruments
  • Dolby Decoder activation in Audio Metering instruments
  • Downmix decoded 5.1 to Stereo 2.0 with Extended LoRo/LtRt or Legacy metadata
  • Routing of Dolby Decoder stream to the Loudness Monitor for loudness measurement and analysis

Dolby Metadata Analyzer

Dolby Detection in Audio Metering

Dolby Decoder Metering and Status

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