RCP Camera Shading by CyanView Explained

The CyanView RCP remote panel allows for shading of everything from specialty cameras (mini-cameras, PTZ, robotic heads, slow motion) and camcorders to remote production over the Internet.


The RCP is a multi-camera control panel providing shading over most types and brands of broadcast cameras. Setup and operations are both high-quality and efficient. Instantly access most camera settings with a touchscreen and physical knobs to effectively match any number of cameras.

In addition to camera control, the RCP controls routers (automatic preview switching), color correctors (standalone or combined devices), router panels (following camera selected on monitor) and joysticks (PTZ and pan & tilt heads). All CyanView solutions integrate in order to provide tally, wireless, wi-fi, remote production , pan-tilt heads and gimbals control, motorized lenses, etc.

To summarize, RCP’s main features include:

  • Shading of any brand & model of camera
  • One RCP controls any number of cameras
  • Direct access to main camera settings
  • Internal & external tally support
  • Integrated shading of external color correctors
  • Integrated control of external lenses, pan-tilt heads and gimbals
  • PoE and all IP workflow
  • Plug-and-play
  • Frame to fit in OB/MU video stations

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