CyanView Offers Solutions for Camera Shading and Control

With various updates and new developments, CyanView now offers solutions for camera shading and camera control including remote connectivity!

Overall, CyanView solutions fall into 3 main use cases:

Specialty cameras on broadcast productions

This includes the integration of “special” cameras into otherwise conventional productions. Examples include mini-cams, PTZ cameras and wireless cameras, all of which are in regular demand by production teams around the world.

Small Productions

The compact and versatile CyanView system is useful for smaller fly-away/”OB in a box”-type productions for camera tally and shading. A single RCP controls camcorders, D-cinema cameras or PTZ cameras.

Remote Production

Thanks to a completely distributed architecture, extend main camera control and specialty cameras to remote productions via internet and cellular networks.CyanView_UseCase_Overview_TEVIOS

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