Universal Camera Control System

Cy-Stem offers creative solutions that address a variety of applications where advanced camera control is necessary. Cost-effective, the IP-based Cy-Stem is versatile and flexible, encouraging accuracy and creativity while maintaining the highest quality.

The Cy-Stem range includes a universal RCP control panel alongside a series of hardware modules. With these solutions, Cy-Stem focuses on four areas in broadcast production. Firstly, those working on sporting events, reality TV, gameshows, etc. can control and match mini & speciality cameras. Secondly, access to wireless or remote production with ENG and small camcorders is available. Advanced processing for camera matching is possible through integration via the RCP of color correctors. And finally, Cy-Stem addresses digital cinema cameras for live recording (concerts or game shows).

CyanView’s major solutions include:



Universal Remote Control Panel

The Cy-RCP is a universal remote control designed to work with any camera. With incredible flexibility, a single Cy-RCP can control any number of cameras and any number of Cy-RCPs can function simultaneously.

Ideal for all types of production, including remote, the IP-based Cy-RCP has physical buttons and a small form factor that can be set in a frame to fit the standard RCP size allowing space for a mini selection panel, mini joystick, or other accessories. With power provided via PoE+, the Cy-RCP is supported by the Cy-CI0 and, with an RJ45 connection, controls cameras, lenses and accessories via RS232, RS422, RS485 and LANC serial protocols.

The system synchronises touch-down (and Tally) between the Cy-RCP and matrix. Selecting cameras from the Cy-RCP controls the matrix to switch the vision monitor while selecting different cameras from the matrix panel changes the camera that’s displayed on the Cy-RCP.

Video processing features such as color correction capabilities for post-processing and frame sync are seamlessly integrated into the Cy-RCP. The post-production phase including black balance and gamma is handled by the video corrector. The camera interface is consistent from one camera to the next meaning on one particular camera, saturation may be applied in the head while on the next camera the same knob would control the saturation on the video corrector.




Universal Remote Control Panel with Joystick

The RCP-J is a universal remote control panel with an integrated, fully functional Iris Joystick controller.

The bottom section features ND, color filters, gain, shutter and quick scene file selection as well as iris/black/touchdown with the joystick.

The Iris Joystick is included in the RCP-J or, for users that already have an RCP, it’s available as an upgrade (RCP-J KIT).




PoE Camera Interface Module

The Cy-Ci0 is a generic PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera interface module that solves the issues often associated with using specialty cameras: cabling, incompatible equipment and lack of connections.

Fixed to the camera or placed beside it, the Cy-Ci0 utilizes a single IP connection to power small cameras directly as well as control them with pre-made cables using a variety of ports (RS232, RS422, RS485, LANC, TTL, DMX, etc.). The system features 2 outputs to control 2 cameras (same/different) on one Cy-Ci0. It can also be used wirelessly through 433-900MHz/Wifi/3G or serial RF modems.

Future designs include motorization for focus and iris on most C-Mount lenses, control of robo heads through Pelco, DMX, etc., and video over IP with lightweight compression (TICO or VC2) staying compatible with 16bps IP switches.



Remote IO

The CyanView RiO (Remote IO) allows users to control cameras remotely over the internet or 4G/LTE and is the perfect companion for Bonded Cellular transmission.

While providing multi-camera remote production shading, the RiO works both wired and wirelessly. RiO is configurable as a regular CI0 camera interface on local networks. The working mode is configurable over LAN in order to get any camera protocol to work over any latency.

With built-in camera control protocols, the camera connection stays stable no matter the Wi-Fi network conditions and latency. Once an internet connection is established, the RCP and RiO connect. When connecting over cellular data, some bonding video systems provide IP Tunnels or internet access points that can be utilized to link the RCP and RiO. It is also possible to add a 4G USB dongle to get internet access independently.

Remote shading helps when coverage requires multiple cameras or when operators need assistance. Thanks to RiO, users control cameras as well as other equipment remotely. RiO sends tally information directly into the viewfinder.





With all the same features as the Cy-Ci0, the Cy-Ci0BM provides two ports with BlackMagic SDI control extension. This PoE camera interface module allows the control and colorimetry of BlackMagic design cameras thanks to its SDI/BNC connectors. Once setup in Cy-RCP, the BlackMagic design camera becomes controllable like any other camera.




Video Processor

Powered by linear processing and 3D look-up tables (LUTs), the Cy-VP4 video processor allows precise color control including multi-matrix, black gamma, soft knee, white clip and detail.

The Cy-VP4 supports four 3G HD (50/60) cameras. The video corrector provides all corrections available through the RCP including on a camera with which one has no control (GoPro, camcorder, wireless camera transmitting video only). When combined with other control elements, the Cy-VP4 evolves into a universal CCU. In addition to the traditional primary corrections, secondary corrections give access to higher-level CCU features needed to align cameras of different makes and models.

Connecting the cinema camera world with broadcast operators & workflows, the processing engine will highlight evolution in automatic corrections, log/HDR conversions, color space conversions and cinema look.



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