NEW 4K HDMI to 12G SDI Converter by LYNX

The NEW CHD 1402 4K HDMI to 12G SDI converter by LYNX is now available!

This compact HDMI to SDI yellobrik converter is ideal for any AV, broadcast, production or post production application where signal conversion from up to 4K HDMI to up to 12G SDI is required. In other words, easily derive a broadcast quality SDI signal from an external HDMI source – such as a video camera.

Audio present in the HDMI stream is also embedded into the corresponding channels on the SDI output. Select optional SFPs with the provided SDI fiber output.


To access additional internal settings, this yellobrik module is compatible with the yelloGUI and LynxCentraal control software.

The CHD 1402 is available rack-mountable, as a standalone module, or in a yellobrik system application. It is the successor of the CHD 1802, which supports up to 3G SDI.


  • SDI video output formats up to 12G (2160p60)
  • 3G SDI Level A & Level B support
  • 2 x SDI outputs
  • Optional SDI fiber output
  • HDMI embedded audio passed transparently
  • HDMI present LED indication
  • LynxCentraal and yelloGUI compatible for internal settings

Contact us for more information about the newly available CHD 1402 4K HDMI to 12 SGI converter.