Broadband Broadcast Systems

Jampro manufactures broadcast antennas while specializing in complete system solutions including filters, combiners, rigid transmission line – components, towers, antennas, installation services and commissioning.

They supply all products and high-quality components that follow an FM/TV/DAB transmitter.

Jampro solutions include:


TV Broadcast Antennas


Slot Antennas UHF TV

Complete range of UHF TV Slot Antennas Channels 14 – 69. Multiple power capabilities range from 500 watts up to 180 kW+.

Part of the Prostar™ product range, these antennas offer an economical alternative to purchasing multiple antennas. A single, compact solution conserves tower space and minimizes the wind load. Plus, the Broadband UHF TV Slot antenna provides exceptional bandwidth.


Panel Antennas UHF TV

This range of UHF Panel Antennas Channel 14 – 69 form a base infrastructure for all TV Broadcasters.

Jampro also provides an extensive range of TV antennas for the UHF bands IV/V. Products are available in both DMB and ATSC 3.0 modulation. Specialization includes horizontal, vertical, elliptical, and circularly polarized antennas.


VFH TV Antennas CH 2 – 6

Jampro offers system design, integration, installation, and extensive testing on the coverage range while providing commissioning, training, and ongoing broadcast maintenance services.

Antenna products are available for the Low and Mid-Band. Channels include 2 through 6 and the high VHF channels 7-13. Antenna designs can adjust to accommodate the required radiation patterns.


VFH Antennas CH 7 – 13

Complete High Band VHF Broadcast Antennas CH 7-13 (174 – 230MHz).

Jampro’s range of antenna products is available for the Low and Mid-Band. Channels include 2-6 and High VHF channels 7-13.  Additionally, both horizontal and circularly polarized options are available as standard.

FM Broadcast Antennas


Low Power FM Antennas

These Low Power FM Broadcast Antennas have become the industry standard for both quality and performance. The antenna’s construction utilizes high quality marine brass and copper. The Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel mounting brackets provide superior grounding support for each bay. The silver-plated inner antenna connector provides maximum contact life with minimum power loss. Single-frequency tuning on all low-power Jampro antennas is a standard feature.

Medium Power FM Antennas

The dipole manufacturing utilizes heavy-duty galvanized/stainless steel. Most products are also ideal for multi-channel operation over the entire FM band II or 87.5 – 108 MHz. GRP Radome covers provide weather protection for the dipole feed points, overcoming the need for electrical element deicing. With fully pressurized feed systems and attention to dissimilar metal junctions, it also increases reliability.


High Power FM Antennas

The High Power FM Side Mount Antennas satisfy the most demanding FM radio markets. These products are the ideal solution for multi-channel stations in the FM band. VSWR figures of 1.1:1 will be available for installations.


FM Panel Antennas

Six antenna types are available providing a comprehensive range of coverage options. Jampro manufactures screen and Dipole assemblies from hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel. This process guarantees trouble-free service under harsh weather conditions.

RF Combiners, Filters & More


Filters & Combiners – Band II FM


Band III (UHF) Filters & Combiners

Band IV/V Filters Combiners


Power Dividers/Splitters

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