Monitoring by Exception “Penalty Box” Feature for BMG by Providius

One of the key features of the BMG Broadcast Media Guard by Providius is 24/7 real-time monitoring, specifically its capability of monitoring by exception.

Monitoring by exception makes it possible to monitor configurable IP media-specific thresholds. This includes audio/video compliance such as loudness levels and signal loss (frozen/black video).

Additionally, identify IP-related errors including:

  • ST 2110 RTP transport disruptions
  • MEPG TS errors using ETR 101 290
  • HLS structure


Monitor multiple concurrent media streams on the network with BMG. And with its monitoring by exception “Penalty Box” feature, easily identify only those streams that don’t meet the defined thresholds.

Penalty box/monitoring by exception & analysis are important applications for the media stream analyzer by Providius.

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