ScreenBridge MODS – Multiple Products in One Device – by Craltech

The all-in-one video processor ScreenBridge by Craltech is a modular system allowing users to design and build fully customizable solutions!

Thanks to the Craltech MODS system, the lifecycle of ScreenBridge is extended and future-proofed. In other words, integrate multiple products and functions into one device. I/O cards accommodate various connectivity requirements. Depending on the MOD installed, Screenbridge has 16 inputs and 16 outputs (2U) or 24 inputs and 24 outputs (3U) configurable as single screens, edge-blend widescreens, multiviewer and KVM options.


The various MODS available include:

  • Multiview MOD: Display a single or multiview image on any screen
  • KVM MOD: Keyboard, video and mouse
  • Matrix MOD: Display a single image on any screen
  • Switcher MOD: Create, mix and switch to the next level
  • VideoWall MOD: Unlimited possibilities in presentation experiences

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