New 12G SDI Audio Embedders/De-Embedders by LYNX

LYNX recently released two 12G SDI Audio Embedders/De-Embedders: PDM 1484 B (BNC audio connection) for unbalanced AES audio and PDM 1484 D (D-sub audio connection) for balanced AES and Analog audio.

These new yellobriks are perfect for applications requiring multi-channel audio handling. They embed or de-embed digital AES or Analog audio within any SDI video stream up to 12G.



  • 12G / 6G / 3G / HD-SDI and SD-SDI
  • Simultaneous embedding & de-embedding functions
  • Access to four audio groups (16 channels)
  • “Auto-black” generation mode: transport audio signals only, without an external video carrier
  • “Bidirectional Master/Slave” functionality
  • CWDM multiplex capability
  • Cascade or rack modules together to include more or extract audio groups from the video stream

Both PDM 1484 B and D support fiber I/O options, including 3G/12G-SDI standard plug-in SFP fiber transmitters, receivers, and transceivers. Plus, all 18 wavelength channels of CWDM are supported with dedicated SFPs.

Read the full datasheets: PDM1484-B & PDM1484-D

Contact us for more information about the latest 12G SDI audio embedders/de-embedders by LYNX Technik.